Child Care Services Offered by MAAC Kids

Amarillo's premier child care and Martial Arts Athletic Center offer unique child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas.

MAAC - Unique opportunities - Child Care Special Programs in Amarillo, Texas

When you enroll your child/children into the special programs at the Martial Arts Athletic Center, you will hear no more complaining about their child care provider or activities that they are enrolled in. The unique and special programs offered by the MAAC will keep them happy, active and interested! Look at a few of the programs offered at MAAC - child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas.

    After school
    Summer programs
    Tae Kwon Do

The foundation of all of the programs at the MAAC is based upon the ancient principles of martial arts. From the ages of five to seventeen, your child will benefit physically and mentally by taking part in the child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas.

MAAC - After school programs

From the time kids get out of school until dinner time can be hours of non-productive time. If your kids are old enough to be left alone after school, you may worry that they will just watch TV and play video games and probably not get their homework done. Check out some of the benefits of after school programs at child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas - MAAC.

    Picked up from school
    Have a snack (you provide)
    Martial arts instruction
    Homework done

You won't have to worry about transportation after school! The professionals at MAAC will pick your kids up from their school and take them to the center, where they will have time to eat the snack that you have provided. The staff will make sure your children will have time to work on their homework, giving you a more enjoyable evening. At MAAC's after school child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas - your children will not only have a great time, but they will learn the physical and mental principles of martial arts.

MAAC - Boxing

Boxing is a competitive and challenging sport as well as being one of the world's oldest. Boxing will teach your kids self-discipline, while keeping them physically fit. The MAAC boxing program focuses on the art of the sport and the skills and benefits it provides.

    Stress relief

By taking part in the MAAC's boxing program - child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas - your kids will experience physical and mental workouts. You will notice growth in their self-esteem and confidence as they learn the popular sport of boxing.

MAAC - Martial arts / Tae Kwon Do

Some kids are more physically active than others and possess natural athletic and physical abilities. Others need to be encouraged to try new activities and engage in physical activity, and would rather play video games and watch TV.

Since not every child is a natural athlete, team sports may have been a discouraging experience for them. Many kids who have not enjoyed other sports excel in martial arts! When your child takes part in the martial arts programs at MAAC - child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas - they not only become physically fit, they gain attributes that are an important part of the philosophy of martial arts.

    Respect for others and self

Child care special programs in Amarillo, Texas - MAAC, will give your child the opportunity to learn how to keep their bodies healthy by being physically fit. An advantage of becoming physically fit by learning martial arts is that they will also be encouraged to strengthen personal life principles that will make them successful in school and other areas of their lives.



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