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Mike Lister began his martial arts journey in 1976 at the age of 13 in the only martial arts school in Amarillo, a Kempo Karate school. But shortly after beginning there, he met his first Tae Kwon Do instructor, Master Sang Ho Cho and fell in love with Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwon. He understood the value of TKD's style of kicks, punches and forms. He was with Master Cho until the age of 18. At that time he went to college playing football and running track utilizing the strength, power and agility gained in TKD. 

After college he returned to his home town of Amarillo, Texas and opned his first school,
Fighting Tigers. In 1984 Master Cho moved to Dallas, so he began his search for a Master Instructor to help teach and grow the Martial Arts School. Thats when he met Jung Koo Lee Sulsa Do Master in Denver, Colorado and began to learn Wonshim and other useful TKD techniques. Fighting Tigers was under the instruction of Master Lee untill 1994.

At this point Master Lister was a 4th Degree Junior Master and met Master Jin Yong Kim (Dragon Kim) from Oklahoma. He earned his 6th Degree from Master Kim and was under his instruction until 1998.

Master Lister started a program in the Amarillo Independent School District called HEATT, Higher Esteem & Achievment Through Tae Kwon Do. This program allowed students to recieve their Physical Education Credit by taking Tae Kwon Do classes. It was used particulary for at risk students to help them learn discipline, respect and self-control. The program was extremely successful from 1991 to 2016.

In 2006 Master Lister realized the need for quality after school programs. He then founded the Martial Arts & Athletic Center, the only Martial Arts school liscensed by the State of Texas as a school age program offering both after school care and an all-day summer program.

The MAAC has grwon from a small bsuiness with 4 employees and 30 kids to the top Martial Arts School / Child Care in Amarillo, with 20 employees and over 350 students at two different locations. Within the next year, the MAAC will be expanding to offer care and classes to over 1000 students in the Amarillo area alone.

- Grand Master Lister

The Man - The Myth - The Legend

Grand Master Lister's Timeline

- 1976 - Started Kempo Karate
- 1979 - Began Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwon under Sang Ho Cho
- 1979/87 - Danced with Lone Star Ballet
- 1981 - Attended Texas Christian University on track scholarship and played football
- 1982 - Earned 1st Degree Black Belt
- 1984 - Opened Fighting Tigers Tae Kwon Do
- 1988 - Earned 2nd Degree Black Belt
- 1989 - Began Instruction under Jung Koo Lee out of Denver, Colorado
- 1991 - Earned 3rd Degree Black Belt
- 1991 - Founded HEATT program in the Amarillo School District
- 1993 - Earned 4th Degree Black Belt from Chong Soo Hong, President of Moo Duk Hae
- 1995 - Began Instruction under Master Jin Yong Kim (Dragon Kim)
- 1996 - Earned 5th Degree Black Belt
- 1996 - Opened Dragon Kim's Tae Kwon Do
- 1998 - Left Dragon Kim's Tae Kwon Do to venture out as a Master Instructor
- 2002 - Earned 6th Degree Black Belt from Sang Ho Cho
- 2003 - Founded the Martial Arts & Athletic Center
- 2008 - Earned 7th Degree Black Belt from Sang Ho Cho
- 2012/15 - Founded Ignite Fighting Championships promoting 10 fights
- 2017 - Opened 2 Associate MAAC School in Dallas/Ft. Worth Area
- 2018 - Opened Martial Arts & Athletic Center North Campus

Grand Master Lister 

has trained in the following styles

- Earned 7th Degree TKD
- Earned 1st Degree Hap Kido
- Trained Jiu Jitsu under Royce Gracie, Sambo with Oleg Taktarov, Judo with Tim Joe
- Trained and osted seminars with Ken Shamrock of UFC, Dan Severn of UFC, Dan Henderson of     UFC, Kale Simms Muay Thai

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MAACKids Child Care

Amarillo's premere child care and After School Child Care Facilities.

After school program since 1998, and is the only martial arts school in the country to offer the level of child care that it does.

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In order to develop the skills, discipline, and self-control necessary for the proper use of Tae Kwon Do techniques, The M.A.A.C. uses a rank system. Such a system serves several purposes,

MAACKids Child Care of Amarillo

The purpose is to provide your child with the best care possible, while teaching them physical and moral principles.

The boxing program at the MAAC begins at age 7. Children will learn the art of boxing as a sport,

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