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Dena Lister

Martial Art & Athletic Center Director

Position Held: Childcare Director & Fitness Instructor

Favorite Saying? There is nothing like a dream to create the future. - Victor Hugo

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Food? Mexican

Favorite Television Show: Blacklist

Super Power? Telekinesis

Favored Animal? Peacock

Best Feature? Honesty

Favorite Movie: The Philadelphia Story

Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)

Fear: Spiders

Place: Scotland

Can cook: Spaghetti & Quiche

Desert Island Item to take? Wilson Volleyball and a machete

Sandwich: Tuna Fondue from Malcolm's

Pizza toppings: Dates and Prosciutto

A Little More About Dena


Working as a travel agent for six years and then running the front office for a non-profit in the education sector with Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools for nine years, Dena is now the MAAC’s Director. She and Master Lister met in 2000 while she worked as a travel agent and soon found out that they went to the same church. Master Lister would eventually ask her to not only marry him, but become a part of MAAC.


In 2010, she began work at the MAAC and quickly became the director after it was officially licensed as an after school care facility. Among her other duties at the school, she tries to be there to greet and say goodbye to the kids everyday and give hugs to as many as possible. “We have such a unique opportunity here at MAAC doing the things we do. We impact the kids, the family, and eventually the community and help transform lives.”