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Tallas Horta Instructor

Martial Art & Athletic Center Administrations

Dustin Young

Martial Art & Athletic Center Taekwondo Instructor

Position Held:  1st deg. Blackbelt Taekwondo Instructor


Favorite Saying? Be a good martial artist

Favorite Color? Blue

Favorite Food? Prime Rib

Favorite Television Show: Dragon Ball Z

Super Power? Ability to fly around and be super strong and stuff.

Favored Animal? Reticulated Python

Best Feature? Perseverance.

Favorite Movie? Frankenstein (1931)

Favorite Movie Actor? Lon Chaney Sr.

What are you afraid of? Toads.

Place you want to visit that you have not been?Scotland

Cooking Skills, what can you cook the best? Steak, anything on a grill.

Stranded on a Desert Island what one thing would you take? A break.

What is your favorite sandwich? Philly Cheesesteak

Favorite Pizza Toppings? Goat cheese, feta cheese, genoa salami, with a basil pesto sauce


A Little More About Dustin Young.


    Dustin Young began teaching martial arts at the age of 20. Training under Grandmaster Lister since the age of 15, Dustin has spent 10 years learning and developing the characteristics of a well versed martial arts instructor. As a teenager, Dustin experienced several disciplinary incidents particularly in school. As time went by, many methods of correction simply did not work. Whether it was counseling, homeschooling, or medication, nothing seemed to produce long lasting results. The suggestion to try martial arts emerged from a session Dustin had with a psychologist. Oddly enough, after his first time on the mats, he would no longer have any use for the practitioner of mental health.


         After years of intense physical and mental training, Dustin Young received his 1st degree black belt in the summer of 2016. Since his first introduction into martial arts at Amarillo High School in 2009, Dustin Young dedicated himself to becoming a better person by becoming a better martial artist. Dustin eventually was recruited to teach the high school class by Grandmaster Lister until the program was defunded in early 2016. All in this same frame of time, Dustin Young has dedicated himself to the production of more martial artists in this world. “ We need people who know what it means to have respect for somebody these days. Now more than ever.”  Dustin’s level of commitment to teaching martial arts is unwavering and has become an integral part of the MAAC’s success. Dustin Young is part of the newest generation of Black Belt instructors to come from Grandmaster Lister’s lineage. “There is an army of black belts being forged right this very moment. I have seven year old orange belts that can annihilate anybody's 12 year old blackbelt . We train oldschool style and we do so in a world where everybody thinks “new and shiny” gets you a big prize..”


           Dustin Young continues to teach at the MAAC and usher in the next generation of responsible, respectful, successful children with his meticulous approach and dedication. With a class full of 5 year old white belts or 30 year old black belts, Dustin is in his element while on the mats. “ To me, teaching martial arts is like giving somebody a gift over a really long period of time. The longer the person trains, the more you get to witness them receive the same gifts you received while on your path.”