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Gabe Vasquez

Martial Art & Athletic Center General manager/ Instructor

Position Held: General Manager / Instructor


Favorite Saying? Go hard or go home

Favorite Color? Green

Favorite Food? Pizza

Favorite Television Show? Two and a Half Men

Super Power? Teleportation

Favored Animal? Lion / Dog

Best Feature? Hair

Favorite Movie? The Mask

Favorite Movie Actor? Kevin Hart

What are you afraid of? Aliens

Place you want to visit? Australia

What can you cook the best? Hamburgers


Stranded on a Desert Island what one thing would you take? Demarini Stadium cl22 & a baseball


What is your favorite sandwich? Turkey & Bacon

Favorite Pizza Toppings? Pepperoni & Ham

A Little More About Gabe...


Just starting his mixed martial arts career only 7 years ago, Gabe is a shinning example of what can be accomplished with a determined mindset. Having played sports his whole life, he has always been athletic but it wasn’t until 7 years ago when he decided to take up MMA professionally. “I came in to the MAAC as a 220lbs, two pack a day smoker and now I’m down to 155lbs, not smoking, in the best shape of my life.”



Gabe has been training at the MAAC since 2008 and as time went on, he was asked by Master Lister to become an employee of the gym. Gabe does everything from picking the kids up from school to hosting summer field trips. “I started out cleaning and prepping the gym for training, then started training the kids myself and started picking them up from school and eventually became the general manager.


With three kids of his own who are always looking up to him, Gabe enjoys being a role model for the kids at MAAC. He’s even earned the nickname “the tooth fairy”. “I probably help pull at least two teeth a month. We even have a chart for the kids that are losing their baby teeth. Since working here, I’ve learned what it means to be a role model and a leader and how to be there for people who really need it.”