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Grandmaster Lister

Martial Art & Athletic Center GrandMaster

Position Held: Grandmaster of Facility

Favorite Saying? Closed mouth gathers no foot.

Favorite Color? Black (With Seven Yellow Stripes)

Favorite Food? Any

Favorite Television Show: Starsky and Hutch

Super Power? Shock and Awe

Favored Animal? Cheetah

Best Feature? Nose

Favorite Movie? Warriors

Favorite Movie Actor? John Wayne / Clint Eastwood

What are you afraid of? Me in the darkness.

Place you want to visit that you have not been? New Zealand

Cooking Skills, what can you cook the best? Dr. Pepper Ribs

Stranded on a Desert Island what one thing would you take? Matches

What is your favorite sandwich? Reuben

Favorite Pizza Toppings? Pepperoni and Bacon Bits

A Little More About Grandmaster Lister


Since 1984, Master Lister has provided young adults the discipline and guidance to master the martial arts. It is his personal philosophy that marital arts is the vehicle that drives these young adults down the path of self discovery which ultimately leads them to becoming a well rounded and confident individual, capable of taking on the challenges of life.


In 1991, Master Lister decided to work with Amarillo High School and implement a school system program for the martial arts in which he would go on to teach 156 children in the first year alone. This system gained wide success throughout Amarillo as the MAAC continued to branch out into other High Schools and Middle Schools until about 1998 when lack of school funding eventually ended the program. However, the praise and demand from parents for the continuation of the program was so high it prompted Master Lister to develop an after school program. By 2000 the after school program had progressed so much that it was evident the MAAC would have to expand its operations and in 2003 the MAAC started actively picking up it’s students from their schools which lead to the MAAC’s child care programs. Because of the MAAC’s unique child care and mixed martial arts programs, regulations for minimum standards of child care facilities in Texas had to be redefined and Master Lister personally assisted in pioneering these new standards of excellence.


Since becoming officially licensed in 2007, the MAAC is the only martial arts school in the nation to provide the level of child care that it does. With a world class staff, outstanding facilities, and a true passion for excellence, the MAAC far exceeds the state’s minimum standards for child care. The MAAC develops kid’s body, mind, and spirit through teaching fitness, self discipline, integrity, honor, virtue, and respect. Through these teachings the MAAC helps to build courage and self confidence in children that encourage them to be apart of something great and strive only for the best out of life.