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Leon "Coach" Aragon

Martial Art & Athletic Center Boxing Instructor

Position Held: Boxing Coach


Favorite Saying? Keep It Real

Favorite Color? Black

Favorite Food? Pepperoni & Bacon-bits Pizza

Favorite Television Show? Street Outlaws

Super Power? Reading Minds

Favored Animal? Pit Bulls

Best Feature? Tattoos

Favorite Movie? Two Guns

Favorite Movie Actor? Clint Eastwood

What are you afraid of? Coach​ Leon, Boats & Planes

Place you want to visit that you have not been? Vatican

Cooking Skills, what can you cook the best? Sandwiches

Stranded on a Desert Island what one thing would you take? Halle Berry

What is your favorite sandwich? Turkey

Favorite Pizza Toppings? Pepperoni

A Little More About "Coach" ...


Having a father and brother who were both boxers, Coach has been around boxing his whole life and even competed himself, as a youth. Being in and out of numerous gyms Coach began to see a common thread that was missing in the way most gyms coached kids and at the age of 24, he decided to start coaching himself at the Bronx Gym in Amarillo. “If I could pass boxing on to the kids and change at least one life for the better it’d be awesome.”


Eventually, Coach obtained his own gym where he was training cross town rivals to the MAAC. After having won two competitions against MAAC, Master Lister invited him to train in 2012 at the Martial Art Athletic Center. “Master Lister gave me the key on the second day and said if you don’t want to be here lock the door on your way out.” After seeing how things were run at MAAC, Coach decided to stay and has been an integral part of MAAC ever since.


Floating around the gym and doing whatever needs to be done and helping in various classes during the day, Coach also trains youth fighters at night and coaches two boxing teams, L.A. Boxing and Team MAAC. “My philosophy to teaching is about having fun. If you aren't having fun with what you are doing then you need to find something else that you can have fun doing. Working with these kids is great. I may not necessarily change their lives but they’ve certainly changed mine. I love being here and seeing them grow.”