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MAAC Kids Belt System

The M.A.A.C. Belt Rank System


In order to develop the skills, discipline, and self-control necessary for the proper use of Tae Kwon Do techniques, The M.A.A.C. uses a rank system. Such a system serves several purposes, including:


Chain of Command:

The ascending order of rank carries an increasing level of authority and responsibility. The student learns to assume responsibility gradually as he moves up the ranks. He also learns to accept and properly use authority that accompanies the higher ranks.


Measurement of Progress:

The most obvious advantage of the rank system is that it provides a visible measurement of the student’s progress. As he learns the basic techniques of Tae Kwon Do and tests successfully, he is awarded the colored belts that signify the rise in rank. He feels accomplished and he is encouraged to learn the next set of new material with renewed enthusiasm. When the student reaches the black belt stage, his mental development has progressed to the point that he no longer needs such tangible proof of his progress.


There are nine ranks, called “grades” in the colored belt series, and nine ranks, called “degrees” , in the Black Belt series. Because it is the highest number in a single digit, the number nine, in oriental culture represents the highest attainable goal of any measurable endeavor.


All Dan ranks wear black belts in good repair. The student’ name, rank and School logo may be embroidered on the belt in English or in Korean. belts are to have no brand name labels attached. The rank stripes should be worn on the right side of the tied knot. Belts should be tied in the traditional square knot with both ends the same length.


DoBok dhee (belt) should not be washed. It represents your knowledge and training. Being such, you never wash out what you have learned.

MAAC Kids White Belt

White Belt / 10th Gup

Common Sense - Responsibility


A student who has no knowledge of the art but has begun the journey. White, being a non-color, expresses a VOID NO ACTION.

MAAC Kids White Belt Yellow Tips

White Belt Yellow Tips / 9th Gup

Discipline - Self Esteem


The student is acquiring an UNDERSTANDING of the art and is developing a higher level of SELF-ESTEEM.

MAAC Kids Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt / 8th Gup

Respect - Courtesy


Development has slowly begun; yellow represents CAUTION, CAREFUL SLOW MOVEMENTS.

MAAC Kids Orange Belt

Orange Belt / 7th Gup

Integrity - Self Control


The student receives their first dark color, representing his DESIRE TO LEARN and CONCENTRATION.

MAAC Kids Green Belt

Green Belt / 6th Gup

Humility - Concentration


The student has begun to ascend to a higher plane of concentration; FOCUS and COORDINATION of technique.

MAAC Kids Purple Belt

Purple Belt / 5th Gup

Morality - Chastity


The student has begun to AMASS SKILL, they are DEVELOPING CONFIDENCE.

MAAC Kids Blue Belt

Blue Belt / 4th Gup

Pride - Perseverance


The student has begun to COORDINATE SKILL with CONFIDENCE.

MAAC Kids Brown Belt

Brown Belt / 3rd Gup

Honor - Dignity


The student now is developing SPEED. Their techniques have FLOWING MOTION.

MAAC Kids Red Belt

Red Belt / 2nd Gup

Loyalty - Indomitable Spirit


The student is combining SPEED with STRENGTH resulting in POWER. He has begun to work on accuracy.

MAAC Kids Red Belt Black Tips

Red Belt Black Tips Belt / 1st Gup

Wisdom - Personal Victory


The student now has successfully combined POWER with ACCURACY. The black signifies MATURITY and NO FEAR.